100 Terracotta Warriors

August 14, 2018 @ 7:00 am – 6:45 pm
Troy, AL

Leader: Barbara Roberts

Join fellow Questers for a visit to the 100 Chinese Terracotta Warriors at Troy University, Troy, AL. The Spirit Coach will leave from Ashley Furniture at 7:00 am. A technical person and an artist will meet travelers to explain the origins of the 100 Warriors on Troy University’s campus and how the terracotta figures came into being. There will be time to ask questions and explore the park independently. Lunch will be at 12:15 at Julia’s. At 1:15 a tour guide on the bus will narrate a tour of the city of Troy, Troy’s antebellum homes, and Troy University. After a return trip to the park at 2:15, there will be a tour of the Art Museum that will have an exhibit of the artist “Nall”, a Troy native. The bus will leave for Huntsville at 3:15.