Book Review

August 10, 2017 @ 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm
Downtown Library, 2nd Floor Events Room

Instructors: Various

Aug 10: Lost Writings of Howard Weeden as “Flake White” compiled and edited by Sarah Huff Fisk and Linda Wright Riley. Huntsville’s noted 19th century poet and artist, Maria Howard Weeden, published many of her early writings in The Christian Observer, using the pen name “Flake White.” Learn about Weeden and her times. Presenter: Linda Wright Riley. A book signing will follow; copies are available for $20.

Aug 17: The Doughnut Tree by Catherine L. Knowles. The author will share her journey of writing, researching, editing, self-publishing, and marketing her first novel, a romantic, historical novel about Huntsville and the forgotten town of Taylorsville. She will share her passion for Huntsville’s history through photos and a walking tour into Huntsville’s past.

Aug 24: Shot in Alabama: A History of Photography 1839-1941 and a List of Photographers by Frances Osborn Robb. the author will present an overview of her 2017 book, which follows photography in Alabama from the state’s first daguerreotypes through the Civil War and Great Depression, finishing with a glimpse of photography during WWII. Illustrations and photographs give the reader a candid glimpse of life in Alabama during a century of remarkable change. Books will be available for purchase after the presentation.