Let’s “BrainDance”

Monday, February 18th, 9:30 – 10:30 am
Huntsville Ballet Studio, 800 Regal Drive
Instructor: Cathy Curry

Developed by Anne Green Gilbert, the BrainDance is a series of exercises comprised of eight developmental movement patterns that healthy human beings naturally move through in the first year of life. It is a centering body/brain movement tool for brain reorganization, oxygenation, and recuperation.

Cathy has taught the BrainDance to her students for many years now. It is appropriate for all ages but especially beneficial for seniors who are looking to stay healthy, improve balance and keep those cognitive functions going strong. This “dance” is an excellent full body and brain warm-up that can be done in any setting, either standing or sitting, to increase energy and reduce stress.

Cathy will explain the concepts involved in BrainDance and then teach us the movements. Class is limited to 25 participants and will be held at Huntsville Ballet’s studio on the corner of L&N Avenue and Regal Drive, just north of Parkway Place.

To register, or for more information, contact Claudia Conn at claudia.conn@gmail.com or (256) 683-8101.