Geranium Fundraiser

Think of LearningQUEST as your local, friendly florist. We are selling beautiful geraniums to jump start spring into a colorful summer. Please use the attached voucher (click here) to reserve your flowers. The geraniums in gallon pots with gorgeous full blooms cost $13.00 with net proceeds going to support LearningQUEST programs.

There are a variety of colors available (red, white, pink, and salmon) which you can specify on the order form. Pick-up will be held at the library parking lot on Friday, April 9, from 1:00-3:00 and on Saturday, April 10, from 9:00-Noon.

The deadline for ordering is Wednesday, April 7 at 5:00. You may mail your order with the voucher and a check made out to LearningQUEST to LearningQUEST, PO Box 693, Huntsville, Alabama 35804 or hand-deliver the voucher and check by the same deadline to LearningQUEST’s office on the second floor of the main branch of the library (just drop in the mail slot of the door). Support LearningQUEST’s programs and beautify your life and the lives of others with your generous purchase!