Newsletter Guidelines

Who can submit an article to the Newsletter:

  • LQ Board members and committee chairs or their designees
  • Coordinators of programs listed in the catalog
  • Member Enrichment Event (MEE) leads

When should it be submitted to

  • before Wednesday noon each week in order to be included in that week’s edition.
  • If this target is not met, there are no guarantees that the article will be included in that week’s newsletter.

What about content:

  • Articles should be brief and to the point (100 words or less) except in exceptional circumstances. Important information should also be posted on our website or web server, making it easy to support a “More information” hot link where complete details are available.
  • Article content should be in a form that can be easily pasted into the newsletter. For example, do not send this request: “Please add an article reminding everyone about the xxx event”
    Instead, send this: “Reminder: Don’t forget the xxx event on Monday, June 16th, 9-11AM at the Main Library, Room AB”.
  • Articles should always use the official name “LearningQUEST;” abbreviations can be used if there are several occurrences within the context.
  • Avoid use of first person.
  • Avoid underlining since in electronic communications, it is reserved for hyperlinks (e.g. email, web links).
  • Include contact information, phone and/or email, in case there are questions.
  • Articles will not be repeated from week to week unless an explicit request is sent. Generally, a new article should be received (and varied a bit) each week to help assure that it will be read.
  • Suggested graphics may be submitted with the input. However, the submitter MUST verify that we have permission to use the photo in our newsletter.

Download a copy of the Newsletter Guidelines.