LearningQUEST offers programs for adults of all ages. Topics are varied and fall in a wide range of subject areas. Programs are generally held in the Main Library meeting facilities. Some off-site locations are used when needed. There are two terms each year:

Spring (January – June) and Fall (July – December)

Each term begins with a Rally Day which is open to the public. The program catalog will be available and members will have an opportunity to explore courses and trips being offered, as well as to register for their choice of programs.

Term Courses require payment of a $30 course fee and a completed Course Registration Form. Payment of the course fee allows a member to register for as many courses as desired during that term, as long as the course is not at capacity. A course is closed when the maximum number of registrants is reached. There may be an additional materials cost for some courses.

Trips planned for LearningQUEST members require reservations and may have an additional cost.

Special Interest Groups allow members to pursue common interests. No term fee is required to participate. These Special Interest Groups are available to LearningQUEST members.

Public Programs are open to the community at large. Normally these are single lectures on topics of interest to our members and the general public.

Details of our programs are available in the catalog. The opinions and views expressed by presenters of LearningQUEST courses are solely those of the presenters and do not necessarily represent the views of the LearningQUEST organization or its Board. We have a policy which places constraints on sales and solicitations at LearningQUEST programs.

LearningQUEST depends heavily on the ideas and support of its members. To provide the greatest possible variety of quality programs, we encourage all of our members to offer ideas for possible new courses and program activities.

If you have ideas for a program or activity that you think may be of interest to other members, please let us know Suggestion/Ideas. The Program Development Committee (PDC) actively solicits proposals for future terms. Submit the General proposal form for courses and programs; use the Trip proposal form for trips and excursions.