Register for LearningQUEST

How to Register for  LearningQUEST Courses and Trips

Sept 1:

Step 1: Review the Fall Catalog, July 1.

Step 2:

  • Have you created a LearningQUEST Username and Password? If you’re not sure, select the button to “Create Username and Password.”


Create Username & Password


Log In

Step 3:

  • Follow the instructions on each web page.

    • You will use your credit card OR PayPal account to pay your term fee ($30 each term) and/or your membership fee ($20 per calendar year). You will only be asked to pay a membership fee if your membership is out of date.

    • If your membership is current, click on the Course Registration menu tab after you Log In.

    • Select the courses and trips you want to attend during the current term.  Be sure to click the Submit button!

Still have questions? Check out Tips & Frequently Asked Questions.