Public Programs

Several public programs are offered by LearningQUEST each term as its gift to the community. No registration or fees. Registration for members is suggested during online registration or in-person registration. Please help spread the word and be sure to invite your friends and neighbors.

Fall, 2024

P1-Music in the Movies  

Instructor: Bill Nunn
Dates: 4 Tuesdays Sep. 3 – 24
Time: 2 – 3:30
Location: AUD

This may perhaps turn out to be Billy Bob’s BEST program ever! With 72 songs from 72 different movies including 20 Academy Award winners and a long, long list of Billboard Number 1s, the afternoons will be filled with memorable music from the Silver Screen’s most unforgettable movies. With hundreds of thousands of songs to choose from—songs from American Graffiti to Zorba the Greek—the dilemma was which to play and what to omit! What’s a poor DJ supposed to do? Come and find out.

P2-The Spanish American War: Birth of the American Empire 

IInstructor: David Lilly
Dates:  2 Wednesdays Oct. 23 – 30
Time: 2 – 3:30
Location: AUD

Although phrases from the time such as “Remember the Maine!” and “San Juan Hill” are embedded in popular American history, the Spanish American War is rarely studied and little understood. We’ll examine the causes of the war, look at the naval and military operations that occurred around the world, and analyze its impact on future American politics and foreign relations.

P3- LearningQUEST Welcomes Members of the Fourth Estate

Instructor: John Archibald, Kyle Whitmire
Dates: 1 Friday, Dec. 6
Time: 12-2
Location: TBD

During what has become a tradition for LearningQUEST, we joyfully and proudly welcome John Archibald and Kyle Whitmire from Alabama Media Group, both esteemed members of Alabama’s Fourth Estate. Laden with accolades, including the prestigious Pulitzer Prize, they are eager to engage with us. They will reflect on the highlights and challenges of the past year, sharing insights into their experiences since last December. Additionally, they may offer glimpses into upcoming projects that we can anticipate reading about in the future. John and Kyle enjoy audience participation, so please come with questions and comments to enrich the discussion. The term “Fourth Estate” symbolizes the press’s vital role as a watchdog in a functional democracy, often paralleling the three branches of government: Legislative, Executive, and Judicial.