Public Programs

LearningQUEST has presentations open to the general public. All are welcome to attend these programs, so please join us.

P1-Ms. Lillian
Instructor: Carol Cook Puckett, Elaine Hubbard
Dates: Thursday, Apr. 13
Time: 1 – 3
Location: North Huntsville Public LibraryCommunity Room

This one-woman play, written by Carol Cook Puckett, depicts a visit with Lillian Carter at her home in Plains, Georgia, in 1978. Her son Jimmy had been President of the United States for two years. While waiting for a New York Times reporter to interview her as recipient of the prestigious United Nations Ceres Medal, Ms. Lillian reflects on her life as the child of supportive, forward thinking parents in the rural South. Her path took her through a career in nursing, marriage, rearing four children, widowhood, and becoming the oldest person accepted into the Peace Corps in 1966 at age 68. At times humorous and at times poignant, Ms. Lillian is a keen look at the life of a remarkable woman. The North Huntsville Public Library is located at 3011 Sparkman Dr NW, Huntsville, AL 35810.

P2-Project Pollinator Garden!
Instructor: Soozi Connor Pline, Jennifer Johnson, Hallie Porter
Dates: 1 Tuesday Apr. 18
Time: 1 – 2:30
Location: AUD

Project Pollinator has exciting news to share! The Land Trust of North Alabama is going through a transformation; and over the next few years, beginning with the pollinator education garden at Blevins Gap Nature Preserve and the pollinator garden at Harvest Square Nature Preserve, the Trust will work toward adding a pollinator garden at all of its trailheads. Some of the new plantings will be small, but a few will actually cover an acre or more of Several public programs are offered by LearningQUEST each term as its gift to the community. No registration or fees.

P3-A Study of Dallas and Lincoln Mills in Madison County Alabama
Instructor: David Lilly
Dates: 1 Tuesday Apr. 25
Time: 1 – 2:30
Location: AUD

Dallas and Lincoln Textile Mills were twin factories and communities that existed to the north of Huntsville for almost a half century. This program will explore their development and construction in the 1890s as part of the remarkable growth of Huntsville as a textile mill center. The communities that grew up around these factories were unique and often fondly remembered by those who worked and lived there. The presenter will also explore why they were no longer part of the economic engine driving Huntsville’s economy, and why they eventually closed in mid-1900s.

P4-The Art of Albert Lane: Scenes of Huntsville, Madison County & Beyond
Dates: 1 Tuesday May 2
Time: 10:30 – 5:30
Location: AUD

One of Huntsville’s most beloved & collected artists, Albert Lane became well known for his paintings of local architecture, historic landmarks, and picturesque European locales. His art has been displayed at the Hermitage in Nashville, at the historic Christ Church in Alexandria, Virginia, and at the Smithsonian. This openhouse exhibit, primarily from private collections, will showcase the wide range of his talent.

P5-Alabama The Beautiful – A Mission to Showcase the Beauty of Our State
Instructor: Beth Cowan Drake
Dates: 1 Tuesday May 23
Time: 6 – 7:30
Location: AUD

Some people think they need to travel long distances to witness the beauty of the world, but, in fact, beauty can be found right here. Alabama is a state rich in photographic opportunities: witness in our landscapes, both urban and rural, wildlife, nature, night skies, and historical landmarks—from the mountains and the lakes in the north down to the Gulf Coast. Alabama The Beautiful founder Beth Cowan Drake will describe her journey in photography that led her to create the popular Facebook group Alabama The Beautiful™, which now has 1.7 million people viewing its page every month. She will talk about how, regardless of level of experience, participants can get out their cameras to witness and share the magic through the lens. She will review places and adventures she has experienced through a presentation of her photographic work.