Public Programs

LearningQUEST has presentations open to the general public. All are welcome to attend these programs, so please join us.

Upcoming Programs:

P1-Keep Watching the Skies: A Very Subjective History of Science Fiction Films in Hollywood,1950 to the Present
Instructor: David Lilly
Date: Tuesday, March 9
Time: 10:00 – 11:30
Location: Downtown Library Auditorium

This program will explore the history of Hollywood science fiction films as a genre meant to entertain adult audiences. These films, which began in the early 50s, seem to have run in cycles until the early 80s, at which time they became an immensely popular and permanent go-to film genre. They were also significantly influenced by the fears, interests, and concerns of their time, and the presenter will explore the historical background that made these films what they were. The program will include a number of film clips of some of the best (and worst!) of these movies. It should be an entertaining and informative presentation for anyone who grew up watching these films and who continues to love them to this day, or for anyone who is open to becoming a fan.

P2-Who You Gonna Call? Fraud Busters
Instructor: Anna Blair
Date: Wednesday, March 31
Time: 1 – 3
Location: AUD

Pain management doctor gets five years in prison. Two doctors face 5 to 20 years behind bars. Former state lawmaker pleads guilty to Medicare fraud. Every year the federal government, specifically the Departments of Justice and Health and Human Services, working together, garner several billions of dollars in fines and penalties against healthcare providers who steal taxpayer dollars by committing Medicare, Medicaid, and Tricare fraud and abuse. In 2019, three local doctors were caught in a five-state sweep by Medicare Fraud Strike Forces. These practitioners face possible monetary fines and penalties, prison terms, and loss of their medical licenses. Medicare maintains information on its Website to help beneficiaries recognize signs of possible fraud and abuse, including instructions on how to report your suspicions of wrongdoing. Become a Medicare Fraud Buster. It’s your money these crooks are stealing!.


P3-Alabama Speaks: Women’s Suffrage—The Long, Hard Slog!
Instructor: Anna Blair
Date: Friday, April 23
Time: Noon – 3
Location: 2FL

A Readers Theatre production featuring 8-10 actors reading for real men and women–on national, state, and local levels–whose names are linked to the struggle to vote in this country. Examples range from Abigail Adams’s plea that was met instantly with her husband’s mocking response to Virginia Durr’s efforts to rid this country of the poll tax.

P4-Welcome to LearningQUEST (Open House)
Instructor: Darryl Palm
Date: Thursday, May 20
Time: 1 – 3
Location: AUD

The Board of Directors and representatives from each committee will provide insight into LearningQUEST’s various activities and volunteer opportunities. Attendees will be encouraged to provide input for program suggestions and how LearningQUEST might better serve the learning community. Refreshments will be provided.