MEE Guidelines

LearningQUEST’s Member Enrichment Events (MEEs) are casual, primarily short term, mostly small group, local events available to all members. They are publicized on LearningQUEST’s electronic bulletin. These events do not require submission of formal program descriptions or board approval.

MEE Vision Statement: Learning and fellowship for more people in more places.


  • Members are invited to submit plans for an event to the MEEs committee no later than Friday preceding the event and no sooner than three weeks prior to the event.
  • A description of the proposed event should be 70 words or less and should include the date, time, place, cost if applicable, name and contact information of the person submitting the event.
  • The committee reserves the right to edit the event description.
  • Examples of types of events: art, music and theater events; sporting events; lectures, nature tours; parades; ethnic, cultural, and community celebrations; holiday festivities.

MEEs are usually one-time activities, or with summer outdoor concerts and workshops, they could be on-going during a specific time period. The committee will have LearningQUEST signs available for events so that members can easily find the group in a crowd.

The Committee seeks to make sure the proposed event is aligned with the LearningQUEST mission and does not conflict in a major way with other LearningQUEST programs. Expenses are the participants’ responsibility. MEE’s fellowship is not intended as a way to promote fundraising for other organizations.

Examples of MEEs events held to date:

  • Reading by Billy Collins, US Poet Laureate, at the Jackson Center sponsored by Calhoun (no admission charge)
  • Holiday Concert at Randolph School (no admission charge)
  • Docent led tours of specific exhibits at the Huntsville Museum of Art (admission charge)
  • UAH Theatre Performance (admission charge – discounted)
  • UAH Ice Hockey Game (admission charge – discounted)
  • Lunch and tour of Lowe Mill (no admission charge for tour, Dutch treat lunch)

The MEEs committee meets on an as-needed basis. We develop, review, publicize, coordinate and attend events. This is a perfect volunteer opportunity for LearningQUEST members who have good community connections and knowledge about local events and thrive on one-time or shortterm special activities.

Join in the fun. If you have ideas or want to assist with MEE’s, please contact Anna Lee.

Download the MEE Guidelines.